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22 January, 2020

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Grand Mountain Adventure is a beautiful and unique open-world skiing & snowboarding adventure for Android, iOS and soon Steam where you get to explore huge mountains filled with hundreds of challenges to discover and compete in.


Grand Mountain Adventure is developed by three snowboarding brothers in Stockholm, Sweden over the course of several years. Everything is made from scratch including game engine, physics engine, music, models, and mountains. The game has since the release gotten stellar reviews and millions of downloads without any paid marketing, including several front-page features on Reddit, Imgur, Play Store and App Store.


  • Multiple ski resorts to explore - Completely open mountains with runs in several directions, large backcountry areas, and functional lift systems to travel around.
  • Vivid environments - Encounter busy runs filled with skiers, bears and wolves prowling around the forests, avalanches, rolling rocks and falling trees.
  • Varied challenges - Improve your skills in technical challenges like Slalom, Super G, Slopestyle and Big Air or let loose your creativity by finding the best drop line, or the quickest path down the mountain.
  • Non-linear gameplay - Ski wherever you want. Ride any lift you like. Progress in the mountains in any order. Try to improve your skills in challenges or just find your own way down the snow-swept mountains.
  • Advanced tricks - Pull a backflip down a massive cliff or throw a Fs 720 Rodeo out from a sketchy tree rail. The tricks includes flips, spins, rails, grabs, and combos to allow for endless creativity.
  • Controller Support - Connect your controller of choice to get the right console feeling.
  • Online leaderboards - Compete with the world record scores by finding the perfect line and shortcuts in challenges.


Steam Trailer YouTube

Snowboard Premiere Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (6MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Selected in Best 20 games you probably never heard of" Kotaku and Gizomodo, 16 January, 2020
  • "Selected 6th Best Android Game of 2019" Android Authority, 27 December, 2019
  • "Featured as Coming Soon in App Store US for 40 days" Apple, 10 December, 2019
  • "Selected to DeamHack Indie Playground Showcase" DreamHack Winter, Jönköping, 29 Nov, 2019
  • "Selected 3rd Best Android Sport Game" Android Authority, 30 September, 2019
  • "Indie Prize Finalist" Casual Connect Europe 2019, London, 28 May, 2019
  • "Nominated in the 15th IMGA" GDC San Fransisco, 19 February, 2019
  • "Selected Best Android Games of 2018" Android Police, 31 December, 2018
  • "Top 3 in the Big Indie Awards 2018" G-Star, Busan, 20 October, 2018

Selected Articles

  • "... is already my favorite skiing game on Android, and once the snowboard update lands, I'm sure it will be my favorite snowboarding game as well."
    - Matthew Sholtz, Android Police
  • "It’s a majestic skiing sim with breathtaking visuals and physics to make a console game jealous."
    - Ash Mayhew, Droid Gamers
  • "First pictures of the best mobile skiing game ever?"
    - Laurent, iPhon.fr (in French)
  • "One of the most cozy games I've played. 9/10"
    - Adam Holmberg, Game Reactor (in Swedish)
  • "Skiing through beautiful mountain landscapes to the pace of our thumbs has never been so entertaining. 4/5"
    - Fernando Coun, Irromples (in Spanish)
  • "... Exploring two big mountains on a pair of skis with realistic physics is a tranquil experience indeed ..."
    - Daniel Fuller, Android Headlines
  • "For a skiing game for Android, the level of details is really almost stunningly high."
    - Ivica Milaric, Awesome Android Games
  • "What struck us first about Grand Mountain Adventure was how absolutely smooth the gameplay was while delivering incredibly detailed and beautiful visuals."
    - Steve B, All Night Burger
  • "Grand Mountain Adventure is a gorgeous skiing game made by real snowboarders featuring tons of unique environments."
    - "Silvermoon", Guru Gamers
  • "... presents a simple and fun game dynamic and is perfectly adapted to touch devices."
    - Laura Sacristan, Xataka Android (in Spanish)

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About Toppluva

Toppluva is a Swedish game studio run by three snowboarding brothers: Viktor, Sebastian and Alexander. Their first game is Grand Mountain Adventure, an open world skiing game for iOS, Android and soon Steam

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Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere Credits

Viktor Sehr
Lead Developer, Founder

Sebastian Sehr
Developer, Founder

Alexander Sehr
Designer, Founder

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